This game comprises of some exciting new features, in which you can experience some great characters and their power. The characters have some good ability to tackle the villains. You will certainly love the joyful and adventurous ride throughout the game.
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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
September 16, 2021
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Dokkan Battle MOD APK tells the story of the dragon ball’s journey that Son Goku had in his childhood. Every time he goes on a journey Son Goku makes new friends and is adored by all and is able to teach many different martial art. In the end, Son Goku found his true source of his origin. Son Goku and his friends fight to defend the Earth from some of the more formidable villains in the universe. (If Son Goku joins the Avenger and they stop Thanos). Through the years the characters from the manga have become legendary to every fan’s heart. The story of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK you’ll be part of a group of warriors who are engaged in a battle to protect innocent people from the evil plans. Trunks King Kai and Trunks King Kai serve as the taletellers who lead the action and accompany you on every mission.


Bandai Namco is a publisher well-known for its adaptations of popular manga titles like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and they have enjoyed lots of success as their games are adored by many players from across the globe. Recently, they launched Dragon Ball Legends – the top fighting game ever. The next game is Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK provides players with fun games that you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to experience a variety of fights against a variety of characters. While playing you’ll get the map and, with every turn, you’ll be given a specific number. If you have a particular number, you’ll be able progress to through the quantity of steps. If you reach an uncoloured square, you’ll receive the appropriate reward, while the colored boxes are fighting for their lives.

Combats in the arena aren’t like you think You will be in control of the character and take on opponents. It is equally fun playing challenging matches using distinct skills. When you begin the game, you’ll be familiar with the game’s rules and will have to study it thoroughly to comprehend the game’s mechanics. the game. The game is turn-based, so you’ll need specific strategies.

For More Information About Dragon Ball Z

Your opponent and you will be facing each other, but not in the way of fighting games. There are many Ki Spheres, or Ki Orbs, which give you the power to increase the ability of both characters. Each character in Dokkan Battle MOD APK is distinguished by color and the type of character. When a player is able to touch orbs that are the same like the person they are playing, you receive twice your Ki. The rainbow ball works with all types of characters.

In addition, the game includes a mechanism that every player should be aware of, the counter between character genres. In particular, one kind of character may be less effective than another genre, and stronger than the other. The characters will appear as a circle, which you can observe on the right-hand edge of your screen. Additionally, each color of the circle is the hue of the genre character which is why it’s also the element which makes the game enjoyable.


In contrast to Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Z

Dokkan Battle MOD APK is the first Dragon Ball theme game to utilize Match-3 puzzles. The primary theme of the game revolves around the fights among the protagonists as well as the villains, the game doesn’t emphasize the action elements or RPG. Instead you tackle puzzles to take on your opponents. In the end, this game lets players to have fun but still retains the story and characters from the manga.

MOD Version of Dokkan Battle

There are on your screen a myriad of Ki Spheres spherical in shades, and your goal is to put together three Ki Spheres that are of the same color in order to fight, defend or boost the power. Its Dokkan Battle MOD APK gameplay Linker game is like Diamond Diaries Saga in that you can use your fingers to swipe across the screen to connect similar colored balls. In particular, each player has a unique ability and strength that corresponds to a distinct Ki.

For instance, if you are using Vegeta, then the damage you take is increased by using the yellow Ki as well as at certain points the character will be able to use special attacks. Are you looking to change to Super Saiyan or use Kame Kame ha? It’s all possible if you have the right type of Ki with the persona.

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Dragon Ball Z

Dokkan Battle Dokkan Battle MOD APK is a very attractive graphics, vivid and vibrant. It makes you feel as if you’re watching an actual Dragon Ball animation. The characters are created and dubbed to match what was originally in the animated series. Once you’ve completed the game the screen will appear to be one of two fighting characters. The loser will fall to the screen with effects broken.


This game comprises of some exciting new features, in which you can experience some great characters and their power. The characters have some good ability to tackle the villains. You will certainly love the joyful and adventurous ride throughout the game.



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